How do I save a video to watch later?

Read on to find out more about saving a video to watch later on both the web and mobile platforms.  Note:  When you are ready for your watchlist videos, you will find them under your profile.  Once you select a video from this list it will move to your history.


Step 1.  When you are browsing videos and you find one you would like to watch later, the first thing to do is go into the video.  Select “watch now”

Step 2.  Close out of the video that opens and you will find yourself on the video’s dedicated page.

Step 3.  Once on the video’s page there will be a top banner with the instructor and video information.  Along with this information is the option to “watch now” and “watch later”.  Select “watch later”.

Step 4.  You will now have the option to opt in to an E-mail notification that reminds you to watch the video.  Choose when and if you would like a reminder.

Extra.  If you add the video on accident or change your mind, you will have the option to “remove from watchlist” in the same spot you found “watch later”.


Option 1.  Save while you browse.  When you are scrolling through videos, each video has a drop-down menu on the top right corner.  In this menu, select “add to watchlist”

Option 2.  Save while on a video’s page by either using the drop-down menu exactly like in the last option or by selecting “watch later”, listed above the video description.

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