Having trouble downloading videos?

There are several things to try when you are having difficulties downloading videos.  Check the connection of your internet and the speed of that connection.  If you are using the mobile app, check to see if you have enough memory on your mobile or storage device.  If these Steps do not work, please send us a message!

Please keep in mind while following these directions that steps and terms can vary slightly between devices.


Follow these steps if using the computer app:

Checking Your Internet Connection and Speed

If your device is connected to your router and you are having problems downloading videos, your internet connection or speed may be the issue.

Pre-Step.  Open up a new window in your browser and see if you can load a new webpage.  If you can, then proceed on to step one to check your connection and speed.

Step 1.  Right click on your computer’s internet icon.

Step 2.  Select the Network and Sharing Center

Step 3.  You will see the Network that you are currently connected to.  Click on this connection in order to open its status window.

Step 4.  At this point you can review the speed, activity, and quality of your connection.


Follow these steps when using the mobile app:

Checking Your Internet Connection and Speed

If you are just using your phone’s network and data, I just suggest seeing if your internet is still working by opening up a new window and if it doesn’t load or just takes forever to load then you have your answer!  You will have to wait until you have a better signal then try and download again.  If your phone is connected to

If your mobile device is connected to Wi-Fi

Step 1.  Go into your settings

Step 2.  Find and select Wi-Fi settings

Step 3.  Select the network you are on

Step 4.  Now you will be able to review your connection, speed, and strength

If you are using the network provided by your mobile carrier

Option 1.  See if your internet is still working by opening up a new webpage.  If it does not load or if it takes a long time to do so, you do not have a good connection and you will want to wait until you have a nice, strong connection.

Option 2.  You can always install apps to keep on your phone that will test your connection and speed; although it may be a bit unnecessary in this application, it is thorough.


Checking the storage on your mobile device

Step 1.  Go to your settings

Step 2.  Select storage

Step 3.  Check to see if you have available space on your device; if you do not have enough, you will need to either make room on your device by deleting and uninstalling or you will need to use an SD card.

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    Gina Rabsatt

    I had 2 major surgeries that prevented me from utilizing my unlimited lifetime gift of yoga through this awesome app.  Now the time to resume my practice, build up my strength to where I was and I'm excited about getting into my daily yoga practice again.. I'm a little disappointed that my app isn't responding to anything I did except the profile update.  Videos aren't opening , when I follow a particular style yoga it unfollows me. I don't know what to do. Was there possibly an update I need? 

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