Adding a profile picture

Let us assist you in changing your profile photo!  Keep in mind that whatever photo you use will be auto-cropped down into a circle.


Step 1.  Once you are logged on, you will have to select the settings cog icon near the lower left hand corner.

Step 2.  You will now find yourself under the information portion of settings.  Here, near the top you will find your current profile picture.  When you hover your cursor over it, you will have the option to replace it.

Step 3.  You now have the option to select a photo from your files and open it.

Step 4.  Save


Step 1.  The mobile app has a drop down menu that has a settings option on the upper left corner of every page.  There is also an edit profile option in a menu on the upper right corner of some pages (if you select this, skip to step 3).

Step 2.  From the settings menu, select edit profile.

Step 3.  Select the plus sign at the edge of your current profile picture and choose to either take a photo or pick one from your device.

Step 4.  When you are finished with your changes, save the page with the check mark in the upper right corner.

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