Creating an account

Creating an account with YogaTime can be quite simple and easily done through your web browser or mobile phone.  We will be visiting both here, starting with the web browser:

Step 1.  Visit

Step 2.  You now select the “sign up” button in the upper right corner or the “get your free trial” in the middle of the page.  Either one does the job and you will always be able to sign up for your subscription later.

Step 3.  Choose whether you would like to sign up with your E-mail, Facebook, or Google account.  For E-mail you will have to provide the information asked for, then continue.  The Facebook and Google sign-up will just have you log in or verify your account from the other site in a pop-up window.

How to create an account using your mobile phone:

Step 1.  Get the app.  The easiest way to get our YogaTime app is to open in your mobile browser.  You will be redirected to the app download using the platform of your choosing (browser, app store, ect.).

Step 2.  Select to start 3-day trial.

Step 3.  Sign up with…. Choose Google, Facebook, or E-mail.  You may have to provide a password or verify your account if you do not choose E-mail.  Continue to the end of the account application.

Congratulations!  You are now a YogaTime member!

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